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cmm Usage neH Aviation 'etlh

nano (xi'an) Metrology co., Ltd | Updated: Aug 22, 2016

aircraft QuQ industry potlhvamvaD manufacturing 'ej marking national QeD cham 'ej patlh. 'etlh "tIq" aircraft QuQ 'ay', baS QuQ yIqaw, Qochbe'ghach je yIn wuq. vaj laHlIj detection 'etlh Qatlh: reH vI'Iprup 'ej stringent. [potlhmeyDaq detection method le' luch DanoHmeH 'etlh, baS Dev 'eS detection efficiency accuracy vIvup 'ej waH. ghaHDaq BERNARDO. DIS recent, wej Quv 'aD HablI', popularity je 'ach widely lo' method contact lo' 'ab 'etlh ghor pong two-dimensional Hotlh waH method cmm.

REVO probe in blade measuring

widely lo' wej Quv 'aD HablI' neH mechanical lopno' tolerances dimension 'ej position 'aD. qeng 'oH De' acquisition vegh nejwI' chu'wI' pagh Hotlh Qap-'ay' 'ej vegh synthesis 'aD 'ej ghot'e' Suq element software calculation. laH object digitization 'aD, measurement accuracy vegh Qagh compensation cham, Dub 'oH 'ej ghaj flexible 'aD software je jen efficiency aviation 'etlh measurement automation tlhoj.

qaStaHvIS lo' aerospace, national Hub, fixture 'ej mould industries such as automotive bIraqlul 3d measurement manufacturing HablI' nano, precision wej Quv 'aD . equipped 'oH je Rational dmis, software 'ej QuQ bogh certified pong german ptb'aD. 'etlh bobcho' waH ghIq software. je Hotlh detection modes chu'wI' ngaq, 'ay' Hotlh ngaq 'etlh detection bobcho'. laH je nom 'aD position potlh parameters 'etlh SIm, ghaHmo' detection precision efficiency 'ej Dub 'oH.

DubelmoHchugh maHvaD yu' 'ej QuQ vIvoqHa' pagh qeS inform

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