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Reverse Engineering cmm Usage

nano (xi'an) Metrology co., Ltd | Updated: Aug 11, 2016

reverse engineering nughDaq product batch production secondary development cham Hach vo' vatlh DIS 20th je. SeH in contrast to potlhmeyDaq product development tlham, vaj pIj referred 'oH je engineering reverse. reverse engineering hardware commercial 'ej QI' yotlh ghot'e'. 'elbogh Qeq qeng original products measurement HeghDI' pagh Hergh 'ut production De' Suq. secondly cad DanoHmeH cher product ghantoH vaj qeng appropriate treatment product ghantoH chu' products lIng. pa' reverse engineering wej Quv 'aD HablI' luch potlh. wej Quv 'aD HablI' ngaq poQ original digital product 'ej ghor reconstruction mIw product.

wa'DIch mIw neH reverse jonpIn development, vaj je 'ach critical mIw original products digital. product poj tlham secondary development product 'ej laH Sov wIHutlh digital products precision. wa'vatlh Quv 'aD HablI' yIlo', requirement accuracy veb qar d 3 ghantoH product 'ej laH chav 'oH.

laH wav wej Quv 'aD HablI' vaj Segh cha': contact measurement 'eb 'ej So'meH QI'yaH-contact measurement. measurement method contact pong nach contact samples noch laHmey je sample ghor Quv ta. laH subdivided 'oH vaj chu'wI' Segh taH Segh je. yIteb samples aerospace, automotive latlh industries je, laH generally contact measurement DawIvpu'. laH 'un nab chu'wI' Segh measurement, laH latlh lang yong yIteb curvature pagh curvature choH mIchHom jej 'oH. wa'vatlh pa' yoS relatively HapwIj laH 'aD 'oH je fewer volchaHDaj accuracy requirement ghom.

rewbe'mey'e' waw' QI'yaH-contact 'aD method basic principle neH optical, acoustic, peQ yotlh je ngaj. HIjmeH jIHMej ngeD Qap 'ej laH, artificial measurement nab reduce tlhoS tam wabvetlh yIteb mI' jeD lang qaStaHvIS ghor naQ samples boS.

amount De' caught wej Quv 'aD HablI' SoHvaD vI'elta'bogh, jen accuracy requirement laH chav 'oH. vaj vI'Iprup widely ngat pa' reverse engineering.

DubelmoHchugh maHvaD yu' 'ej QuQ vIvoqHa' pagh qeS inform

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