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vagh-axis revo multi-noch Measurement pat

nano (xi'an) Metrology co., Ltd | Updated: Aug 16, 2016

revo-2 chu' upgrade product revolutionary multi-noch Quv HablI' vagh axis measurement 'aD 'oH. lessons neH tu'lu'be' revo-2 chu' cmm controller ucc s5 'ej successful revo multi-noch pat, toblu'pa' HoS QumpIn laH je 'ej laH lo' together with rvp ghItlhvam nejwI' latlh latest revo noch 'ej vo'.

 advanced trigger scanning probe five-axis fast scanning probe

adopted revo-2 ghaH let spherical jejlaw' cham SIQ neH cha' rotors axis, baS laH, vaDHa'wI' measurement platform DuHIvDI' optimization. yItungHa', qaH QaQ cha' axis pong 'ach 'Itlh brushless nguSDI', choH encoder resolution vo' original 0.08 cha'DIch 0.002 cha'DIch. HeghDI' 100 mm tIq needle chel 'oH, laH SIch position resolution 0.001. 'oH tlhoS 40 poH law' bovvam cham.

chu' ghItlhvam nach (rvp), baS laH lo' together with revo pu'HIch forward renishaw. Hotlh contact such as chu'wI', nom Qap 'ej roughness measurement ghor QI'yaH-contact detection revo multi-noch QaptaHvIS enhance waw' chel SuvwI' rvp.

DubelmoHchugh jIHvaD vaj yu' 'ej QuQ vIvoqHa' pagh qeS inform

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