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installation ram Qu'maj mung je nano cmm

nano (xi'an) Metrology co., Ltd | Updated: Oct 10, 2016

qaSpu'DI''aD HablI'HIj user, nuqneH Sagh amp Qu'; 'ut checking 'eb 'ej So'meH ram Qu'maj mung je installation, such as installation Daq, lup passage je delivery tool.

1. package check

check 'ej packing boxes, serial mI' je Hoch Dotlh 'ech. HeghDI' shortage tu'lu' pagh vay' ghor, nuqneH relate delivery department contact qaStaHvIS poH vIt chuH 'ej maHvaD contact.

2. packing box lagh

vaj poS packing box chamwI' user je tay'. vaj Qan neH box 'ay' vo' ghor. qaSpu'DI' packing box mInDu'lIj, nuqneH tep mode, quantity 'ej isolate 'ay' according to packing tetlh check.

3. Say' woDDI' accessories

in order to cmm 'ay' 'ej QaD vo' QIH ragh pagh during transportation, packaged cmm 'ay' separately ngejtaH Duj chaH vo'manufacturer. DubelmoHchugh Say' woDDI' pa' installation.

4. HoS je jejlaw' pump

poQlu' ac 220v ngaDmoH voltage HoS. exclusive mo' cable vaj qeq user. regulations vam'e' je joH rop jejlaw' pump flow. ghob'e' filtered choptaHvIS jejlaw' pa' input cmm. compressed jejlaw' cmm ghob'e' QaD vaj ghob'e' jejlaw' Hat DaSum 'aD pa' Hat 'e' choptaHvIS jejlaw' SIQ, Qap cylinder lopno' normally so as to precision cmm stability 'ej ensure guarantee.

DubelmoHchugh maHvaD yu' 'ej QuQ vIvoqHa' pagh qeS inform


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