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Development 3d Dimensional 'aD Tool ('AY' WEJ)

nano (xi'an) Metrology co., Ltd | Updated: Oct 27, 2016

d. QI'yaH-Measurement contact

QI'yaH-contact method three-dimensional vum-'ay' 'aD rewbe'mey'e' refers optical method. presence qaStaHvIS raD 'aD tu'lu'potlhmeyDaq measurement contactmethod. radius compensation nejwI' nIS 'oH vaj pa' 'aD qaStaHvIS poH. 'ach qay' wovbe' solved successfully cherished because of jen response, measurement QI'yaH-contact optical cham jen resolution. ghaH jenwI' qaDbe'meH yIqaw 'ay' such as semiconductor 'uD, Huj-coupled jan, ghItlhvam noch Hoch bIquv, Hap jan position je ngaj emergence, nom development Suq measurement QI'yaH-contact optical cham. recent DIS, Dun development reH bIH yotlh chav Hoch bIquv ofoptical measurement cham.

adopted method Hotlh 'uD neH optical noy triangle, ghaH Huj-coupled jan pagh je Dapvetlh position Hap jan qeng digital 'uD ghItlhvam acquisition. waw' 'oH ccd, noch bunch lang reflection 'ej scattering wov webqu'meH nov, 'ej resolution pixel Vas jen. vaj veb 'aD accuracy laH Suq ccd lo'.

qaStaHvIS peQ. ghaH in order to guaranteejen accuracymeasurement, vaj waH calibration ghor nagh object ghor 'oH.

maHvaD yu' 'ej QuQ vIvoqHa' pagh qeS bel infrom


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