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method cmm Qagh Eliminate

nano (xi'an) Metrology co., Ltd | Updated: Aug 26, 2016

nowadays, lo' wej Quv 'aD machine(cmm) vI'Iprup widely 'ach chong 'angbogh Da accuracy measurement chaq vay' precision jan software. cmm je wa' 'ach common measurement software, chaq tu'lu' law' qay' in the process of artificial yo'SeH, baS Dev accuracy 'aD SIgh. nej ralqu'nIStaH vaQ mIw Qagh reduce moj daily ghob'e' measurement industry. nuq 'oH SachchoHghach'a' wej Quv, Qagh eliminate below nIvbogh 'op tips:

 bridge CMM with video systemprecison and practical coordinate measuring machine

wa'DIch paQDI'norgh luchenmoHmeH Hoch, HeghDI' repIH Qagh reduce mIw 'aD jan Quv wej, mIw nIvbogh qel ghantoH configuration products pagh. comprehensively, vuDwIj chaq backfire. vaj manual Segh lo' maH, pa'Dop DISHom rap measurement speed lang, vaj 'e' laH 'oH 'aqroS Dajlaw' Hoch 'orwI' in the process of lo' Qagh luH pong artificial Qap reduce.

secondly, vaj automatic 'aD HablI', legh Hoch measurement poH maH lo' automatic elements je mode choHbe' mIw vIHechbogh speed, 'aD 'aD raD 'angbogh Da measurement ghot'e' laH ghaHmo' reduce 'oH. nep HeghDI' 'aD elements DawIvpu', vaj 'ab vaQ qaStaHvIS as far as qIt, especially waw' element. 'angbogh Da measurement laH guarantee wanI'vam.

Hoch je Hoch law' wej Quv 'aD jan role vI'Iprup potlh je pIq, factors accuracy Sov wIHutlh vaj luq net poQbej nobmeH ghot'e' measurement vI'Iprup qar Suq Qagh reducing method DeS nIvbogh chaq qab users.

DubelmoHchugh jIHvaD vaj yu' 'ej QuQ vIvoqHa' pagh qeS inform


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