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Automobile Production cmm Usage

nano (xi'an) Metrology co., Ltd | Updated: Aug 10, 2016

qaStaHvIS ngIm development industrial production environment, 'Itlh waH cham jan. ghaH especially neH precision mIqta' Qul, numerical SeH HablI' tool production, 'ej nIS r & d je yIteb mI' Qatlh mechanical 'ay' Hoch manufacturing auto 'ay' aerospace industry va Sal 'ej manufacturing. Quv HablI', 'aD je potlh yIteb precision jan, wa' vIta'Qo' lo'laHghach researchers je production neH 'ej because of logh convenient three-dimensional dimension measurement, baS laH on-line detection automatic measurement 'ej tlhoj.

qaStaHvIS yotlh automobile manufacture, laHlIj DoS modern manufacturing industry DuH Hoch Huch law' Hoch lopno' production in accordance with chut lulajpu'bogh requirements pol. 'ach tlhoy lulIngmeH production mIw chut lulajpu'bogh 'ej consistency, ghob'e' manufacturing mIw yISeH. production mIw De' Suq size De', poj je feedback, so as to continuously product laHlIj Dub 'ach vaQ method SeH manufacturing mIw accurately 'aD size, qaSpu'DI'. mIw SeH accurately Qap-'ay' size 'aD botlhDaq. wej Quv 'aD HablI' 'ach vaQ mIw accurately 'aD 'ej size De' chov wa'. 'ej 'oH instead of Sar ghor measurement tools, plane measurement tools, tI' pagh tIgh combination wagh gauges, 'ej tools 'aD manual precision. Qatlh vehicle inspection naQ nIS thereby ghaHmo' poH reducing. laSvargh product inspection, HablI' calibration, customer laHlIj 'ej latlh Qap laH DuHIvDI' wej Quv 'aD HablI' ta rap Dunqu'mo' poStaHvIS size De' such as production mIw je lI' De' mIw SeH DuHIvDI'.

Hoch lom 'ach intuitive bey' vehicle chut lulajpu'bogh 'ej patlh manufacturing. ghaH jen precision porghDaj 'IH tu'lu'bej, poH toD 'ej laHlIj automobile assurance. pa' competition decisive role puS chu' laHlIj. vaj jen precision jen efficiency wej Quv 'aD HablI', laH wIchavmeH implement precision waH poj, on-line jIH 'ej batch jIH auto industry production.

'aD HablI' Quv wej Hoch SoHvaD prominent 'utmo' Dujvam ghaj chu', vaQ precision jan 'aD. toH, widely ngat qaStaHvIS mIqta' manufacturing. moj universal waH luch modern industrial inspection 'ej laHlIj SeH.

DubelmoHchugh jIHvaD vaj yu' 'ej QuQ vIvoqHa' pagh qeS inform

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