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'uch majQa' nano Technical Conference Successfully

nano (xi'an) Metrology co., Ltd | Updated: Nov 14, 2016

9thnov Technical Conference 'e' noHlaw' nano Metrology. successfully. conference attend nuv puS 150. tlha' 'elbogh wey pong tetlh.

jejlaw' jungwoq HoS Corp'etlh botlh
measurement botlhlaHlIj Department
inspection Departmentlogh Measurement
fareast ghomkeian ghom


bussiness vu'wI' nano Development lIH

measuring machine

jonpIn vo' renishaw nejwI' pat lIH

high accuracy measuring equipment renishaw probe head system

rationaldmis modus sw je lIH jonpIn vo' External-DaH

 practice measuring solutionsbridge type CMM

technical tam

 gantry type coordinate measuring machine

 gear center arm measuring machine

DubelmoHchugh maHvaD yu' 'ej QuQ vIvoqHa' pagh qeS inform


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