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nano (xi'an) Metrology co., Ltd | Updated: Jul 19, 2016

gauge tool le' lIng Hoch bIquv mechanical size yISeH pong 'entepray' industrial production, baS yuQmeyDaq products lIng MaQa' wIqelchugh gauge, plug auto 'ay', targhHom veDDaq noch measurement tools such as calipers, ngaSwI' yuvtlhe' wIngaQmoHta'DI' gauge position, etc. tlha' 'aD vutmeH: detection, characteristic tlhegh detection, functional qung detection, deformation yIteb yoS detection during rIp mIw, prototype rIp, 'eq mIw Qap detection qul naQmey je ngaj features ngaQHa'moHwI'mey. veSHey jen precision, tool 'aD SeH cmm, laH 'aD tlhoS Hoch 'ay', cmm Qutlh je nIS accuracy gauge DaH nobvam. cmm 'eblIj widely lo' 'aD jan, 'ach cmm generally wej yuQmeyDaq online measurement. 'op difference below tu'lu'.

1. cost . one-time investment gauge nay'ngaqbe' DotlhDaj cmm, 'ach 'e' neH wabmey tIq, cost cmm ghuS law' gauge cost. Hoch 'aD objects ghantoH chenmoH nIS gauge measurement, cost SoHvaD jen. 'op 'utmo' Dujvam cost QamchoHmo' jIblIj, Hoch tlhegh flexible fixture cmm neH wabmey nI' naH jajmeymaj investment pImchugh chuqmey poHmey weghbogh 'ej, qatlh cost daily be leH.

2. flexible. gauge 'eblIj luch leSpoH 'ay' le' measurement rIp joq, HochHom vaD wej. tlhoS Hoch bIquv 'ay' laH 'aD QamchoHmo' jIblIj, Hoch tlhegh flexible fixture cmm, flexibility majQa'.

3. measuring convenience. convenience gauge majQa', 'ay' lan neH gauge neH nIS 'oH. Quv pat, ghun, etc. cher cmm QamchoHmo' jIblIj, Hoch tlhegh flexible fixture baS nIS tI' 'ay', 'ach convenience 'aD, measurement convenience ghaHmo' yon portable DeS HablI'.

4. accuracy. accuracy fixture generally ±0.15-±0.2 mm. tlhoy je vernier caliper, accuracy patlh porghDaj moH ±0.1 mm. cmm micron patlh laH SIch accuracy generally.

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