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nano (xi'an) Metrology co., Ltd | Updated: Jul 26, 2016

vibration 'elbogh factors 'aD HablI' precision stability. ghaH vay' yap accuracy lulIngmeH cmm 'ej moH wa', yuQmeyDaq wIDublaH HablI' 'aD chenmoH bImejnIS.

vaj cmm installation nuqDaq ghaHmo' moH pong vibration, maH tend mIwvam'e' QutlhwI' 'oH treatment (chamfer, isolation trench) adopt 'ach obvious shortage chaq isolation method (wIqelchugh pagh ghom cmm precision products, 'ej lo' environment, QInvam vaj QutlhwI' 'oH scheme ba' pagh adopt ravDaq user,), chenmoHta' emergence mechanism HevmeH QutlhwI' 'oH vibration isolation inadequacy.

nano precision autonomous chut lulajpu'bogh patent cham-cmm mechanism HevmeH. nap 'ej convenient installation. insert rubber pad lan pa' upper 'ej ghaytan Hoch luyu'lI' rubber bot matrix, cha' inserting HevmeH vaj Hoch latlh pong Sengvo' lo' 'ej tInwI' DevwI' posts location lulIngmeH. laH rar loS Surgh qung cha' matrix substrate HevmeH cmm pagh yav. equipped quadrilateral je DevwI', pillar laH effectively overthrow rollover pagh bot because of unilateral raD HevmeH jan.

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